Redbox as a video streaming contender

I recently wrote this post on an online discussion about Redbox and Verizon teaming up to go into the streaming market:

I’m bullish on Redbox. It’s a new paradigm that makes movie rental easier for lots and lots of people. It indulges impulse shopping for movie rentals, and it’s friendly to the segment of the populace that views online streaming as a frighteningly technical form of entertainment. The other neat thing about Redbox is that the company already is internet savvy and thinking of using online to augment its experience. You can go online to Redbox, choose your film, and find out which boxes in which locations have this film available for you right now. It’s an incredibly useful and customer-centric bit of functionality, and it makes Redbox an interesting clicks-and-mortar case study akin to how big box retailers are fusing their physical and online shopping experiences.

I’ll be interested to see how this venture comes together. These cooperative joint things are always hard, and many of them have failed dismally over the years. But if they can make this one work, they could do very well.

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