What is "Tim Callan on Marketing and Technology"?

As I mentioned in this blog’s first post, I’ve authored Tim Callan’s SSL Blog for the past four years plus.  I originated that blog after observing – as in insider in the SSL industry – that that particular industry was rife with both misinformation and disinformation.  To straighten up these misconceptions I needed a forum in which I could discuss matters in my own words, at any length, allowing for rapid turnaround and not depending on anyone else like a web development or design team to publish my opinions.  I didn’t know quite what to expect, but this blog has exceeded any reasonable expectation I may have held in terms of audience size, influence, and its effect on perception and understanding about SSL.

A blog is a ravenous animal that is never fed, and as soon as you’ve posted, you start the clock on being late for your next post.  So why on Earth would I start a second blog?  The answer is that while I enjoy the SSL Blog immensely, I deliberately made a decision to keep it highly focused on a few technologies:  SSL and its relatives.  I sometimes stray as far as code signing or trust seals, but that’s not very far at all.  In the meantime I have many opinions on the industry and the role in it I have inhabited for my entire career.  And I have lacked a suitable forum for discussing matters beyond that very narrow topic.

Thus this blog.  I will allow myself more freedom to think about and explore a broader set of topics than one specific if important infrastructure component.  Just as Tim Callan’s SSL Blog went in directions I didn’t entirely foresee, I don’t doubt that Tim Callan on Marketing and Technology will as well.

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